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College students usually have a great choice in dressing up. Depending on the college culture you may dress up from elegant to Gothic to Rock band style. Your dress up should reflect your personality rather than imitating what others are wearing.

Certain styles for sure are considered “LS” which would include a button shirt that is buttoned all the way up to the neck. While a “T” would look good, hoodies gives a sloppy appearance. Try to avoid lose and baggy clothes unless that’s how you would like to appear.

Denims, khakis are just cool under any “T” shirts. a Jacket during the winter is more sought after than a pullover.Again.. Depending on your style and weather and the culture, you can decide what best reflects your personality.

Hair styles are important too… Always make sure that you have groomed and styled hairs whether long or short. Unkept and uncared hair look sloppy too. Remember that looking sharp never hurts while looking sloppy may give a negative impression.

If you’re transitioning from high school to college, know that it’s not an alien world, totally different from what you’ve experienced in high school. People don’t suddenly change the way they dress or look when they attend college, unless you’ve been attending a high school wearing a school-prescribed uniform or dress code.

First off, you should be thinking more about your coursework and other course requirements before thinking about your outfit, hair style, etc. If you’ve already done that, i.e. did preliminary readings, checked out the books, bought your school supplies, and now you’re asking about what to wear, then fine.

Now, if you already know the college you’re attending, you should have been given a student manual on how to dress or at least have visited the campus and seen how students there dress. If you haven’t, read your student manual, if you were given any, ask people who attend that college how people dress and/or visit the campus and see for yourself.

If it’s a non-religious college and casual wear is the norm, follow the general trend while incorporating your own style. Do most men wear faded jeans and t-shirt? Are you comfortable wearing the same? If you want to differentiate yourself, why not wear a button-down shirt or a polo shirt instead of a plain t-shirt? Instead of sneakers, wear loafers. This would depend on your personal style.

As for hairstyles, that’s personal. Again, check out how men wear their hair. If you like a certain style, try adopting it, experiment a bit. Don’t be limited by what people say.

Lastly, you’ll be so busy doing your coursework so make sure your outfit is easy to put on in the morning.

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