What everyday habits drain our energy?

1. Excessive use of phone.

I have ended up with horrible headaches due to this. There’s no absolute reason to keep scrolling through all posts on all social media sites after every 15 minutes. In the same duration, so many productive habits and hobbies can be developed. Plus, it induces physical and mental strain. So guilty!
2. Gossiping.

I love talking, generally about ANY damn topic in the world. But for a brief period of time, my friend and me were constantly gossiping about people and whining about situations. When I pondered over this later, I realised how absolutely futile and draining it is to talk about people and situations that you hardly have control over. REFRAIN. It is one of the most negative habits that one can indulge in.
3. Overthinking

Overthinking incessantly is like roaming around with a boulder on your head. It only burdens you. Evaluating your actions and reflecting upon your relationships, your situations, your environment is a must but obsessing over what others think, what you should have done and said, the meanings of somebody’s action and behaviour are just occurrences of past and that is where it should be left.
I personally believe that reducing the amount of time one spends on these habits can greatly induce positivity. Still working on it myself.

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