mistakes do women make when they first start dating 

Here are several that I’ve advised women against (although some of them did it anyway):

1.Trying to plan too far ahead instead of simply letting the relationship develop naturally

2.Acting jealous, controlling, insecure

3.Spying on a guy by checking his emails, texts, phone logs, etc. when no reason for distrust is given

4.Talking about previous relationships excessively or using it as an unfair basis for how to treat the new boyfriend

5.Expecting him to discard friends that he’s known for years

6.Avoid any behavior that makes you appear needy, overly anxious, and insecure.

7.Don’t be negative

You have undoubtedly been told not to be negative about your ex-boyfriend(s), which is excellent advice. But it’s even better not to be negative whatsoever. Those who are negative about their family, career, and friends, usually aren’t very happy people, or much fun to be around.

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