Why do Aghoris consume marijuana at some holy shrines? How is it linked with spirituality?

I remember I met an Aghori baba couple of years ago on my trip to Rishikesh. He was sitting there alone, meditating on the banks of the river Ganga.


(This is not the picture of baba I met. I just took it from Google.)
I greeted him with namaste and politely asked him if I could ask him few questions.
He was nice and said OK.
I asked him why do they take weed and do all that creepy stuff.
He smiled and here is what he replied:
“Look, boy, you are too young to understand the difference. You just watch us eating meat, smoking weed and doing things you people classify as “creepy stuff”. What you don’t see is the subtle and mysterious connection between things. We use human skull, blood, and bones in our rituals because that remind us of our human body. How many times a day you think of this fact that you are dying at this very moment? You worldly people just think of life as you were never going to die and so these words like “death” and “bones” freak you out. Isn’t there any difference between an Aghori smoking weed and a naive young guy taking drugs in a nightclub? For you there’s no difference because you give importance to matter (weed, drugs). While actually the difference is in the experiences and the intentions. I don’t smoke weed for pleasure. I don’t wear clothes, I don’t have a penny, I don’t keep any worldly relations with anyone, I’ve renounced almost everything. All for what? To smoke weed and get pleasure out of it? Pleasure is a meaningless thing for me. Pleasure is for worldly people. My senses don’t seek pleasure any more. I smoke weed because it just helps me concentrating my mind and accomplishing extreme yogic practices, which otherwise would be difficult for me to do.”

Dumb founded by his that reply I couldn’t even think of asking him another question.
I am more of an ascetic guy myself and I get fascinated by anything supernatural and occult practices like Tantra. But I follow the right-handed path (aka Dakṣiṇācāra) for my spiritual advancement. Why? Because that fits in my comfort zone.
Most people have nothing but “personal disdain” for left-handed path. That’s utterly unfair.
The left handed path has this 5 Ms concept (aka Panchamakara) which all the Aghoris follow.
Yes, they eat human meat. But do they kill humans for meat? No. They just use the unidentified dead human bodies.
Yes, they consume marijuana. But do they act wildly after that and do bad things (like rape women, crush people on road) like the naive young guys do after taking drugs? Hell no.
Yes, they take weed. But do they have any relations with drug mafia guys? No.
Yes, they are extremists. But do they promote this lifestyle? No.
So who am I or who are you to declare left-hand path as immoral or wrong?
Did you get the point here, OP?
It’s all about your point of view.
Watch an Aghori with your narrow worldly point of view and all you will see is a weird looking guy smoking weed.
Step out of your worldly point of view and all you will see is a “normal guy” just looking for spiritual enlightenment.

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