10 Best And Worst Sleeping Positions You Must Know To Stay Healthy

Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together” – Thomas Dekker

For a healthy body and wise soul, one must take proper sleep. You should make an appropriate schedule to wake up early, as it will reduce your dark circles too. Sometimes, you wake up in pain because of the position you were in last night. Even your sleeping positions reflect a lot about your health.

Here are some facts that will help you.

1. You sleep back to back without touching.

While up to 55% of couples sleep back-to-back, they still maintain some form of contact or closeness, even while facing opposite directions. In this position, in particular, there is absolutely no contact to be made. This position is seen as an indication of relationship problems, but it’s to be taken with a grain of salt.

2. Couples facing each other

Couples who sleep like this allow for eye contact, easy cuddling, and this position is considered to be a more intimate position since cuddling is so easy.

3. Spooning.

Spooning is considered a stress reliever, but the downside is that it can result in aches and pains. Psychologists found that physical contact, even during sleep, can result in reduced stress in both partners. The issue is that since you’re in a semi-awkward position, your body can end up achy.

4. Sleeping on the edge of bed, facing in opposite directions.

It becomes an issue when there is a great deal of distance between partners and a lack of contact throughout the night. 90% of couples who sleep in this position are in happy relationships.

5. Arms up while you sleep.

It is also called as Starfish position and it’s good for back health. Arms up help to prevent facial wrinkles, snoring, and even acid reflux. A downside to this position, however, is that shoulder discomfort can be experienced due to the position they’re put in. Extra pillows (looking at you, number 5) can help with this.

6. Pillow cuddling.

If you want better rest but don’t want the accompanied spinal pain, the pillow cuddling position tends to prove effective. People who sleep on their stomach should place a pillow beneath their hips in order to relieve a portion of the stress on the joints. Pillow cuddling is more of a supplement to other positions than it is a position of its own.

7. Fetal position.

Just like a baby in the womb but honestly, it’s not a good position to sleep in. It can cause several back problems and plethora of neck. Psychologists believe that people who sleep in this position have a tendency to stress about their lives more than others.

8. Sleeping on your stomach.

Not a right position to sleep in. It can result in pins and needles in your arms and legs. It even can’t let you breathe properly.

9. Sleeping on your side.

This position prevents a backache, but it can potentially cause wrinkles, as well as leading to saggy breasts. One must not sleep in this position whole night; recommended.

10. Sleeping on your back.

This position is often recommended by doctors and it helps in maintaining neck and spine health. If you want to wake up healthy, this is the best position for you.

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