here some 5-minute makeup tips 

Five minutes, goodness! Now I feel horrible for taking too long haha. But uhm.. these are my essential tips:

1. Just apply only moisturizer if you have great skin or BB cream that suits your skin color. I’m not a fan of foundation, but if necessary for better coverage use this with the moisturizer. WHY? Cause you can just squirt some in your hand and apply it all over your face in seconds.

Time: 30 sec if you work quick.

2. Put some concealer under eyes (and above if necessary) if you have dark circles that are still visible, or other uneven color areas. WHY? Cause it makes you look fresh and awake. I look a bit ‘sick’ or tired if I don’t do this.

Time: 20 sec if you work quick/ 20 more secs if you have to go over these spots again for better coverage. In between the drying you can work on other steps.

3. Fill in eyebrows with eyebrow powder, doesn’t have to be perfect (and you can skip this if you have great or shaped brows). WHY? Cause we livin’ in an eyebrow era, they gotta look great. No seriously, they shape your face and can bring out your eyes more.

Time: 1,5 min (I take much longer when I have the time, but when I don’t this is the amount of time)

4. Put on mascara or liquid eyeliner on upper lashes, depending on which one you’re best at. WHY? Brings out your eyes or makes them look larger.Time: 1 min.

5. Put some blush on cheeks and/or a bit of bronzer on forehead near hairline (not across forehead).

Time: 20 sec

6. Put some lip balm or lipstick on lips.

Time: 5 sec, but 30 sec for lipstick.

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