life in the Indian Army

Indian Army does not promise you a bed of roses, nor does it assure you of materialistic luxuries, yet the life it offers is unmatched. Having been closely associated with the Indian Army, and having a first-hand experience of the lifestyle, I can vouch that the experiences Indian Army, or for that matter, the Indian Defence Forces, offers are extraordinary. The honour and respect the job offers, coupled with the privilege of serving your country provides a feeling that no other seven-figure-pay-package job can. I’ll try and give you an insight into what the life actually comprises of. As a young officer, you get commissioned after long months of gruelling training, eager to take up challenges, and serve in some of the most remote areas of the country, places whose names the common man hasn’t even heard of. Life there is hard, and you learn to live life carefree, knowing the uncertainties tomorrow offers.
While your civilian mates will be working out in air-conditioned gyms, you’d be patrolling for long hours in the scorching sun, incessant rain or freezing cold – depending on which part of the country you are posted to. The camaraderie that you develop with your fellow officers and troops, in such conditions, is unlike any bond that you may develop over your lifetime. While there are tenures of hardships, there are more “relaxed” postings as well. Relaxed as per army standards would mean spending long hours in the offices chalking out strategies instead. These are referred to as “peace” stations and consist of lush green cantonments that the public generally associates the Indian Army with. Here lie the true perks and privileges – clean and peaceful environs, sports complexes, golf courses, auditoriums and the officers’ institutes. Life inside these cantonments is a different world altogether. The army takes good enough care of its personnel’s families as well, with Ladies Club, and social gatherings being a regular affair. The upbringing that kids in the Army are exposed to is unparalleled and you only need to have a look at the number of successful people who are “military brats” to find out for yourself(List of military brats). Over and above all this are the opportunities the Indian Armed Forces offer. The Indian Army funds your course if you are willing to pursue a higher degree, it provides you with the equipment and infrastructure if you are willing to take up a sport. The list is endless.
Now, to the specific topic you wanted to know more about- wife swapping. I don’t believe it exists – haven’t seen or heard it for myself but I can assure that the Army values its ethos well enough not to indulge in such practices. At the same time, it will not be wise to dismiss the allegations outright as well. The Indian Armed Forces are voluntary organisations, inducting its personnel from the society itself. They are not God-sent soldiers and though their morals are expected to be a grade higher than the rest – they are not alien species. The only fact I can assure you is that wife-swapping is clearly not a policy or a way of life – as the “victim” in the case involving the Indian Navy is suggesting.

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