What is gravest sin according to the Hindu Mythology?

However Sanatana Dharma has also categorized karma into punya and papa….The English translation of merit and sin does not do justice to the connotation in sanskrit.
Vishnudharmottara purana classifies papa into 8 distinct categories in decreasing order of their graveness









Kshudra papa
However, there are slight changes I would like to make to the list, considering what all the acharyas have to say:
Consumption of liquor (or other intoxicants like Acid, Cocaine, etc.)

Stealing gold (or, in today’s terms, money.

Stealing 100 rupees from a poor man will have the same consequence as stealing 1 million from a rich man.)

Nurturing lusty thoughts for the wife of one’s Guru.
(Please note how this point is significantly different. This sin is considered as a maha-paap only if the guru is your spiritual guru. Academic teachers, war-teachers, etc. do not count. Another point to note is that, if you guru is genuine i.e. he has attained God, then his wife would be God-realized, too. As a result, she can never succumb to lusty advances from another man in the first place. Thus, learned saints say that the mere thought of approaching the guru-patni in a wrong manner amounts to a maha-paap.)

Killing of a brahman learned in the vedas.

(A brahman, who is learned in the vedas, is identified by his truthfulness, purity of thought and deed, compassion and austerity. Because he is the instrument of spreading all good qualities in society, harming or killing him automatically means obstruction to this expansion of goodness. Thus, it is considered a grave sin.)

Killing of cows.

(I am not going to post photo of these )  

(I believe some texts have this listed instead of ‘associating with maha-paapis’. This also mostly refers to desi-cows like gir, etc. who expand goodness or sattva-gun in the surroundings, and act as great means for the faithful human beings to acquire transcendental pious credit.)

Now, contrary to popular depiction, all these sins can be atoned for. Yes, even killing a cow can be atoned for.
However, there is one sin which has absolutely no atonement or prayaschitt. That is the sin of nama-apraadh or spiritual transgression. What is nama-apradh?
Being envious, vengeful, hateful, violent or angry towards one’s Guru mentally.
Forget about harming the guru with a slap on the face. I’m talking about your thoughts. Even if you think negatively towards your Guru, you have committed the one unpardonable sin. Not even God can forgive you now.
It would’ve been alright if you had committed these offenses against God, because your Guru has the power to forgive those sins, but an offense against the Guru is unpardonable. The words ‘vajra-lepa’ have been used. That means, the sin of nama-apradh covers the living entity like the hardest of all materials in existence – vajra. The negative sanskar or impression latches itself on to you like a non-removable leech and makes your heart hard, like a diamond. So, whatever you do, do not offend the saints or the devotees of God.
This is not something that is completely illogical or unfair. Just consider for a moment, you completely estrange yourself from persons who offend you or whom you don’t like, even due to some misunderstanding. Now, the saints and Guru are the only vehicles to ferry you across this miserable world into the lap of God. If you develop a negative attitude towards these very beacons of hope, what can you possibly achieve in this life or the next? Isn’t such an attitude or way of thinking the most condemnable and abominable?

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