​4 reasons you should NOT eat packaged sandwiches and wraps from cafes, movie theatres and delis!

If you thought ready-to-eat wrapped in a plastic film sandwiches from malls are healthy, read this.Most people pick a cling film (plastic wrapped) sandwich when they have no choice and must eat out. But these sandwiches or wraps are not a good idea, and you must think twice before grabbing one. Nutritionist Priya Kathpal tells you exactly what is wrong with these foods.

1. Refrigeration

Most sandwiches available in such joints are premade sandwiches or cold sandwiches that contain meat, fish, chicken, paneer and egg and are stored in a refrigerator. Ideally, they should not be stored for more than 2-3 days, but we cannot vouch for what’s being served on your plate. For all, we know the one being served could be one week old. Also, since they are stored for a longer time, their nutritional value reduces.

2. Storage temperature

The vegetables in the sandwiches can go bad in a day especially if they are cooked and there is no electricity for storing them at the right temperature.

3. Calorie count

Plus, they add a lot of mayo and butter while assembling to keep the sandwich moist. Needless to say, mayo ups the calorie count, making it a bad food option especially if you are trying to lose weight.

4. Packaging

Also, the cling film used to cover them could be contaminated. Everything from cockroaches to flies could be getting on them in the kitchen. According to Priya, the acid in foods like tomato and vinegar can erode the cling film allowing moisture and bacteria get into the food.


If you cannot find a place that serves you freshly prepared sandwiches, go for freshly cooked items such as sada dosa and idli. If you are a single and eat out often here is nutritionist Naini Setalvad’s bachelor’s guide to eating healthy.

When you are at the theatre a junior-sized popcorn can be enough to leave you feeling satisfied. Here’s how you can maintain your weight loss diet while eating out. 

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