Why do many people today claim that ancient Indian texts contain advanced science? 

An year back our biology teacher was teaching us about cloning and this is how he started..
शुंभ निशुंभ दानव तुम मारे ।

रक्तबीज शंखन संहारे ॥

And we all were like …what???

And he told us that this is a line from durga chalisa praising the goddess for slaying the demon rakhtabeej.

So ,what’s the great deal??

Apparently this demon had a boon that a new rakhtabeej will be born every time single drop of his blood falls on the ground thus making him undefeatable in battlezone because you can’t kill someone without making them bleed and so rakhtabeej managed to cause havoc among the gods.

The gods then approach goddess kali who kills rakhtabeej by drinking each and every drop of his blood after injuring him so no new rakhtabeej pops out of the blood on ground. ( and that’s why her tongue is always bloodred in all her idols and images)

Now just think about the power that rakhtabeej weilded…. new body formed from a single drop of blood.

Rings a bell?

Yes,this is indeed cloning where you can form an entire organism or a genetically similar population from single cell of the body.

Even if you are an atheist and believe that this all is just myths and stories then too you can’t help but applaud the saints for there fictional writings which seem closer to reality now than it ever was.

PS-various organisms have been cloned successfully in labs . The first cloned animal was dolly the sheep.She was cloned by Sir Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and colleagues at the Roslin Institute, part of theUniversity of Edinburgh, Scotland, and the biotechnology company PPL Therapeutics, based nearEdinburgh.

Human cloning is banned because we definitely don’t wan’t another rakhtabeej .:P

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