things a girl would never tell her boyfriend 

1. Only a few girl allows her BF to use her mobile even without asking permission. (Even you are allowed to see her ugly photos :D)
2. Only a few girl shares her mail/social networking account password. (You can even chat with her friends from her account 😛 )

3. Only a few girl shares about any of her worst past stories. (It depends on your maturity level to understand/console her)

4. Only a few girl allows you to talk about other girls , even about her friends (Apdiye number usaar panniralam :P)

5. Only a few girl share about her periods date with her BF. (Even she will come out with you during her periods , just because she don’t wanna miss u)

6. Most of the girls will never disclose anything about their ex , especially if they had sex with him/s.

7. Some of them will never disclose they liked you before u even proposed to her .

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