Salman promoting ‘RUSTAM’

A few days ago superstar Salman Khan came forward to promote the movie of his contemporary and friend Akshay Kumar. In a video, Salman asked his fans to watch ‘Rustom’. While this gesture spoke volumes about the friendship these two stars share, Khiladi Kumar feels that it has a deeper message.

Akshay said that Salman’s act means that the film industry is united.

“He did it on his own. It shows we are all united. Around 180 films are made in the industry (in a year) and many are left incomplete.

We are not race horses that we have to push forward and show one-upmanship,”

Akshay told the media here when quizzed on the competition between the two stars

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“There is a lot of work in Bollywood and not enough heroes and heroines. There is plenty of space for all of us and it’s not about competition,”

he said.

Salman on Tuesday night took to Twitter to share a video urging his fans to watch “Rustom”, which is slated to release on August 12.

In the video, the “Dabangg” star is heard saying: “Humare film industry ke Rustom-e-Hind ki film aa rahi hai naam hai ‘Rustom’. August 12 ko jaakar dekhiye Akshay Kumar ki film ‘Rustom’.

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