difference between Indian teens and American teens

I will write this  from both the country’s POV.

American teens.

At 13, we know a lot of things that Indian teens will know when they’re 16.

We look like 16 when we’re 13. Maybe because we get proper nutritious diet.

We go to school and have fun and do some studies. Obviously we too hate schools but that’s not always because that’s where we meet our friends and enjoy to the fullest. From cheerleading to prom nights. It’s way too much fun.

We don’t get pressurized to follow a trend or a career path. In America, we know each one of us are different and each one of us are hardwired to do things differently. So we’re free to choose our paths.

We even get to choose our mates. We are allowed to have opposite gender as best friend and there’s nothing wrong with that. People don’t frown at that.

We have some basic family rules and that needs to be followed but nobody is very strict about it. Obviously punishments are there but it’s like you don’t get any pizza for a week or no new dress for prom. Something like that.

By the time we’re 18, it’s expected of us to leave the house and go make a life of our own and work hard and get a job and a house.

Parents don’t always run after us. They keep do keep a check on us from time to time but not like 24*7.

Privacy is respected. We all get privacy. Our phones, our laptops, our room, nobody checks them until there’s been some serious issue.

Indian teens.

At 13, we’re still kids who’ve just stepped into being an adolescent. So we need special care.

At 13, we either look like 13 or 10. Because obesity isn’t a problem in India. Malnutrition is.

We go to school to study, not have fun. Serious business. Academics is taken very seriously in India.

Our parents will decide whether we should go for Medical or Engineering. Because other career paths are apparently for non pointers, right? Too much pressure regarding academics and career path.

Choosing mates? We can’t do that. People will definitely frown. They will talk about it. Girl and boy can’t be friends. Best friends, no way. That’s just not acceptable in India.

There’s no basic rules at home. It’s just what’s said should be done. Parents are our guides after Gods. If they say jump from the building, then blindly follow their instruction.

So what if you’re 18. You’re still studying and your fees are being paid by parents and you’re dependent on them. So listen to them. Even if you’re staying away from home for studies, still be obedient.

And if they want they can check on us anytime. Yes anytime. Nobody can say NO to them. They pamper us so much that it becomes a very difficult task for us to face the real world alone.

Privacy? What’s that? Parents have all the right to check our phones, and everything from time to time actually every time it pings or makes a noise. They have to interfere in almost everything. Space and privacy doesn’t exist.

I’m sorry for if I’ve exaggerated any of the points. Please don’t take this seriously. It’s just a general idea. All in all I’d say be it here or there, teenage life is simply the best stage of life so enjoy it to your fullest

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