Olympic games: comparison between India and China 

we are second largest population in the world, why we are not able to compete the China and other major scorers in Olympics.
There were many reasons behind the bad performance in Olympics by India may be it is a practice, poor guidance or poverty which divert interest of any person from sports
But China have different approach when it comes for creating the Olympic champs, Pics below via Home | Daily Mail Online describe how China produce Olympic champs.

Her face etched with pain, a child trains for Olympic glory while her gymnastics trainer stands on her legs.

China, is one of many ruthless training camps across the country to which parents send their children to learn how to be champions

Boys and girls who looked no older than five or six-years-old were tasked with swinging on beams, hanging from pairs of rings and bounding across floor mats during the physically strenuous training sessions

Children are trained at camps where the word ‘gold’ is hung on the wall to make them focus on success.

Gymnastic stars are known for starting at an incredibly early age, and this group of children appear no different as they battled to complete the demanding routines on bars, rings, and mats.

24/7 routine: A child stretches at home during a gymnastics training session in Nanning, China.

The trainers are tough on the children who go through rigorous training schedules

Children are put through their paces doing punishing exercises to toughen them up.

The school also trained Sun Yang, who won the 400m freestyle at London 2012.

Ye Shiwen astounded the swimming world by knocking more than a second off the world record for the 400m individual medley.

And finally you see story like this in Olympic, Everyday in Olympics China won at least one medal, Miss Ye poses with her gold medal on the podium. Ye insists that her ‘results come from hard work and training’.
“Olympics is the place where you have to show that your are the best in the world and achieving such heights need, hard work with extra effort”.
Discipline always hurts but end the end it provides fruitful result with real happiness.
We hope India will produce talents with full efforts, discipline and surprise the world with their action.

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