some secrets girls rarely share with any boy 

1. They say girls are predictable why ? because we like pink, baby pink or any other existing shade of pink. We are highly active on facebook,instagram etc etc posing and posting our pictures,,our life is an open book to read. But to everyone’s disappointments, there are a lot of things we would never, NEVER share with a guy.

2. We take our best friends real seriously. We share everything, literally everything major with a girl best friend.

3. We judge people a lot with a real sweet smile or a simple ‘haha’ in text( donot presume yourself to be Chandler like funny).

4. We stalk. Yes. if we are really attracted towards you we would stalk you on every possible social networking you exist into but would never approach you until and unless you make a move.

5. We are real jealous souls. We may say ‘go hangout with your girl friends, female colleagues. It’s cool.’ Trust me, It’s never cool. Deep down we are burning.

6. We are over thinkers. But we will come out as extremely chill out person.

7. We do not like you protecting us every time that doesn’t mean we are not feminist.

8. Yes. We fake orgasm. A lot.

9. PMS isn’t that bad. It helps. ( thank you those days).haha!

10. We do not like compliments every single time we change a profile picture. we know we are pretty or sexy. And hot is another not so cool compliment.

11. We will check you out from tip to toe and you will never know.

12. We do not like your know it all attitude.

13 dYou can share your problems but like you we have a tolerance limit too.

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