Olympic Games : why cricket isn’t included in Olympic ?

First of all, let’s be clear that cricket is an expensive sport. Many would disagree with it but for Olympic level International events, cricket does become expensive. In Olympics, a single city hosts all the sporting events. You can estimate it’s complexity from the fact that even in FIFA World Cup, a country hosts all the events in multiple cities. The management of games in Olympics has to be very very good.
Now, Why cricket becomes a bad investment in Olympics?

1. Cricket needs a Separate Stadium.

The game of cricket needs a separate stadium and it is not compatible with the grounds of football, rugby, baseball or any other sport. The problem of the pitch in the center of the cricket field is a very sensitive and it needs special attention. Due to this, there will always be a need for a stadium dedicated to Cricket. It means higher cost for preparing more stadiums.

2. Cricket is not a very popular sport.

Cricket is not actually a very popular sport. It is only played in a handful countries mostly in Asia and Caribbean countries. If the Olympics is happening in Brazil, it would mean that they would be building a Stadium for Cricket which will never be used after Olympics just to entertain a handful of audience. It is a bad investment for them.

3. Long Duration and it is affected by Weather.

Cricket is a very long game. If you tell someone who does not know cricket that this sport has tea breaks and lunch breaks and it goes on for five days and even after that, you can expect that there will be no result, he would probably laugh hard or be amused that Indians love this game! Even the shortest format, T20s last 4 hours. It is also affected by weather conditions and a rain of Finals can mean that both the teams walk with gold medals which are not at all Olympics Standard.
No matter how much ICC tries to convince the IOC, the cost factor and popularity will always be against Cricket. But let’s hope for the best. Maybe one day we could seek

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