why fruits and vegetable have stickers on them (at supermarket) ?

These days most of the people started the fruit and vegetables from the supermarkets. You have noticed the sticker attached on some of the fruits or vegetables.

There is a code written on every sticker like this 4014 or 94139.
This code is called the PLU (Price Look Up) code. By looking at this code you can get the information about how this particular food is grown.
Lets see how to understand this.

If code is four digit and starts with 4 or 3 it means that the food is conventionally grown with use of pesticides or chemicals. They are not much healthy for eat but you can consumed without any harm after washing properly.

If the code is five digit and starts with 9 it means that food is grow organically without any help of any pesticide or chemical. They are always good to your health.

If the code is 5 digits and code starts with 8 it means that they are genetically modified food. They are created by machine or some other method to maximise productivity. The foods with these codes are not supposed to be eat.
PS: Next time while buying foods please once observed the PLU code written on attached sticker.
The substance used to attache this sticker is edible but not sticker itself

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