our opinion on shobhaa de’s tweet about team India in Rio Olympics  

RIP Mental stability of Shobhaa De.
Her tweet in most common way, shows the mental illness people suffer from when they can’t do any profitable work for the society. If she even worked almost 0.01% as hard as the Indian Olympians do to reach at that platform, she would have given a best seller book.
The athletes representing India in Olympics 2016 have faced hardships to reach there, we all know in India Cricket is the No.1 sport and the funds available for sports like hockey, athletics, shooting, archery etc. is just nominal in comparison to cricket. Still watching the Indian hockey team and athletes like Dipa Karmakar, makes every responsible Indian very proud.
I oppose her shitty and shameless tweet furiously, here are some funny replies to her tweet:

Here is the pic of indian gymnast dipa karmakar,she is one of the five gymnast in the world who has successfully completed the produnova(very dangerous vault)

She is coming from very poor family back ground,she didn’t have clothes,shoes or practice ground…but she has came very long way
She is in olympic final now & her coach has put her under “house arrest” for practice.
She needs our wishes.
2. Here is the pic of indian rower dattu baban bhokanal.

He was very young when his father passed away,being an elder brother responsibility were on him so he decided to work on petrol pump.his salary was 4000 rupees per month.during this time he was keeping an eye on open army interviews.he selected for that.
Then after he started rowing.
Now today ,when he was playing olympic quarter finals for india…his mother was not well…keeping ailing mother in mind his focus was on crossing all the hurdles to win medal for india ..alas he lost.

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