similar beliefs of Hinduism and science

1. Pushpak vimaan
A kind of aeroplane/helicopter with wings with properties to fly in the air at high speeds is similar to what today’s aeroplanes are.
2. Ahilya:

Rama was able to bring to life a stone lady called Ahilya. If you see closely, isnt is something like bringing a fossil fuel to life.

3. Rama setu:

This is one bridge the remnants of which are still in place. It is the path which Rama took to travel to Lanka from India. Isnt it fabulous that what Valmiki mentions in Ramayana is actually present in solid form today. How could have he known about it when there was no form of communication available at that time.
4. Birth of Kush:

When Luv got lost in the forrest and Sita came looking for him, Valmiki created Kush from a grass leaf. This is something like cloning in today’s world. Scientists are trying hard to bring to life an old species called Mammoth the fossils of which was found with cell nucleus intact providing possibility of cloning, Dolly the sheep can be another example (Mammoth ‘could be reborn in four years’ )

5. Weapons of mass destruction: 

Ramayana mentions how hard it was to possess weapons of mass destruction and one would have to do hard work (dhyan,meditation,prayer) for a long time to possess one. There were some weapons like Brahmastra which should never be used unless highly necessary as it would wipe off a place where it hits. Isnt it something like Nuclear weapons about which we talk today, fascinating.

6. Existence of Atomic and Sub atomic particles
The world accounts discovery of atoms and sub atomic particles like electrons, protons etc to the scientists of the west who have coined these words and theories only in the early 17th or 18th century. An excerpt from Lalitha Sahasranama text, told by Hayagreeva to Agasthya muni, dating back to the distant ages of the past, describes the Goddess as the super consciousness/Brahman that pervades even the sub atomic particles within matter.
“Paranjyotih parandhamah paramanuh paratpara”
The word “anuvu” means atom. Paramanu is sub-atomic particle, finer than the finest of atom, meaning electrons and the others

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