War Within A War!

What is happening in Kashmir right now is to turn it into an Islamic state. The 1989-90 ethnic cleansing of Hindus points in that direction. Just recently, this poster turned up outside temples and on general walls in Kashmir, which will make their agenda clear:Untitled

They have been completely brainwashed from their mosques, especially the generation that grew up after 1990 as they were unable to see a secular setup while growing up, due to the Absence of people of other religions around then and do not understand secularism and democracy much.


As for the Kashmiri Hindus, they would NEVER EVER want to part from India. Even educated Kashmiri Muslims know that their welfare is in staying with India otherwise they will be torn apart by China from one side and Pakistan from the other. Even the separatists like Geelani who instigate the youth to pelt stones on the army, have kept their own children away from the turmoil and most of them are studying or working in other parts of India and abroad.

Bottomline is, it is another face of Islamic terror that Kashmir is a victim of and needs to be dealt with sternly.


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