some unknown facts about BHAGAT SINGH

1. Bhagat Singh was born in family of freedom fighters. His uncle Ajit Singh was a well known freedom fighter.

2. He drew his inspiration from Kartar Singh Sarabha who was hanged while fighting for India’s freedom when he was just 19.

3. He was follower of Gandhi until Gandhi called off the non-cooperation movement in 1919 which was recalled by Gandhi after the Chaura Chori incident.

4. He was really moved by the Jallianwala bagh incident. He bunked his school and went to the site and collected the blood laden mud in a container he carried with himself.

5. From childhood he was against the Britishers which could be drawn from an incident from his life. One day he was sowing some twigs in the ploughed land.

He was asked by his father what was he doing. He replied that he was sowing twigs to get guns so that he can blow of the Britishers.

6. He, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged 11 hours prior to the decided time of execution. A big hole was made in the back wall of jail and their bodies were secretly cremated on Sutluj banks near Ferozepur, Punjab.

7. The place where he was cremated went to Pakistan during partition and India had to give some 12 villages in Sulemanki headworks to get that area back. The India-Pakistan border is just 1 km away from the samadhi.

8. Batukeshwar Dutt who along with Bhagat Singh threw bombs in the assembly was cremated near Bhagat Singh’s samadhi as per his last wish.

9. Bhagat Singh’s mother was also cremated near Samadhi of his son and was conferred with the title of “Punjab Mother”.

10.Every year on 23rd of March Shaheedi Diwas is celebrated every year and a fair is held.

11. It is well known that Bhagat Singh was a well-read man with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But not many know that he could use five languages efficiently- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and surprisingly, Bengali. According to a list of traced books, probably read by him, he had read about 143 books under the category of foreign literature (Irish, British, European,American,Russian) and 169 books of Indian origin.

12. Kuldip Nayar in his research states that Bhagat wrote about 4 books in jail: (1) History of revolutionary movement in India (2)The Ideal of Socialism (3) Autobiography and (4) At the door of death. Unfortunately, the manuscripts remain untraced.

13. According to the notes left by his close set of friends and comrades, he was quite an artist. He played a lot of roles in college dramas and could sing well. An interesting anecdote in this regard-

“Mr. Asaf Ali with his wife, went to interview him. Bhagat Singh was locked up in a cell, and was in fetters. While they were approaching the cell, they heard a soft sweet voice singing in accompaniment of a twinkling metallic sound. Softly they approached, and lo ! they found Bhagat Singh the anarchist singing like a child and ringing his fetters in tune with the song.”

14. Lastly, this one piece of information, not to be missed for its poignancy. We are all aware of the plan hatched by him to kill Scott to avenge Lala Lajpat Rai’s death. But until recently, I was unaware of what the revolutionary felt after pulling the triggers.
15. According to comrade Bhagwan Das Mahore (author of Yash Ki Dharohar, 1968), when Bhagat Singh came to visit them after participating in the assassination of Saunders, his face bore an inexplicable expression and he was ‘stirred up’ and ‘uneasy’ at taking away a human life which he always respected and valued. The author admits to have developed reverence for his friend Bhagat Singh after witnessing this vulnerable moment of his, stemming from the deep compassion he felt for humanity.

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