Use your pillow as an alarm clock. I’ll tell you how 

Wake up early in the morning everyday without an alarm clock.

Use your pillow as an alarm clock. I’ll tell you how.

Just before you go to sleep, sit on your bed, hold your pillow close and whisper(in its ears).

“Wake me up at <time> A.M “

E.g. “Wake me up at 5 A.M”

Say this to your pillow at least 15 times (slowly) . Surprisingly, your eyes will automatically open at 5 AM or whatever time you told your pillow.

It works for me. Try it tonight, say the exact sentence “Wake me up at 5 A.M” and see if it works.

1. It is obvious that the pillow won’t strangle you at 5 AM to help wake you up. It is you who is waking yourself up.

2. It can be done without a pillow or with other objects. Pillow is used for the same reason idols are used in religious institutions. (Consider pillow your alarm God)

3. Why 15 times, why not 12 or 8 times ? If this technique is working for you, it means you have trained your subconscious to reach a state of alertness at a certain time. You train your mind through repetition. After a certain time it becomes a habit, you don’t have to do anything. Its upto you, how you train your mind.

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