secrets of jwala Mata temple 

The eternal stable flames in the caves of Jwala Mata temple in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh.

According to mythology, out of 51 pieces of Devi Sati (wife of Lord Shiva), her tongue fell on this place. Till then it is known as one of those Shakti Peeth (Temples dedicated to ashes of Devi Shakti or Sati, the female principal of Hinduism and the main deity of the Shakta sect). ‘Jwali ji’ as the locals refer to the Hindu Goddess who is is said to reside as an eternal flame since time infinity near a place called Kangra in Lower himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Some interesting facts about this place:

The flame burns on the edges of the rocks and in blue colour, which signifies complete combustion.

The flames are known to be burning since the first date recorded in history.

Still now the source of these flames could not be un-earthed. Even the emperor Akbar tried to extinguish the flame but could not. And what followed was the golden umbrella which turned into copper.

Even the geologists and scientists from GSI and ASI tried to discover its source but failed.

The flame interestingly does not hurt anybody and even if someone puts his/her hand in to it, it does not hurt.

Truly, this place still carries a mystery over its eternal flames which are burning for so long.

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