some things that turn girls on and most men just don’t know 

His Eyes – 
They reflect a lot. You can always tell a lot about a person from his eyes. Some guys have those sweet, warm, sexy orbs. They draw you in, and I could drown in them. Those eyes can just make me want to spill my deepest, darkest secrets!

His Laughter 

– A guy’s uninhibited, unbridled laugh is very attractive to me. That gleeful chuckle that turns into a deep rumble, and finally chortles into hearty laughter. Pure bliss!

His Smell – 

A hint of Cologne is alluring. That mixed with the inherently musky scent that guys have, is perfect! Men who smell good are always irresistible. But, please don’t use the whole bottle of perfume at once. That’ll put off us girls faster than anything else.

His Shyness – 

Many of us, myself included, adore shy guys. There’s just something about them, that mysterious quality that appeals to us. And I love to see a guy blush, so if I can make him blush goodnaturedly, well that just makes my day.

His Kindness when he doesn’t need to be – 

This should probably have been number 1, actually. A man who’s sweet and considerate to others, especially his inferiors, even when there’s nothing in it for him, can definitely steal my heart.

His smile
 Guys generally tend to fall for a girl’s smile. Well, guess what guys, we fall for your smiles too! Just one of your half smiles, or those lop-sided grins, and it’s safe to say we go all mushy. (And DO NOT combine that with a puppy face, or a childish voice, it just gives you an unfair advantage, and that’s not right!)

Witty, intellectual conversations – 

A guy who can hold a conversation with me, and give me witty comebacks is always attractive. He needs to be able to stimulate my brain, and challenge my mind. That’s a major turn on because it makes a girl feel that she’s more than just a pretty face to him, and he cares enough to want to engage her in a sensible conversation.

His passionate nature

 I don’t care what he does for a living, as long as it’s his passion. As long as it’s something that drives him. That drive to achieve something and be totally passionate about your work or your family or your friends or your hobby, be it anything! As long as you have a sense of purpose in your life, that makes me respect you and love you even more.

His patience – 

This is especially true for me. Being a girl who tends to have mood swings quite often, and who is quite temperamental at times, a guy who’s patient with me through it all, and is always kind to me even when I’m clearly being difficult to deal with, will always hold a special place in my heart.

 Honesty is your likeability.

A man with a pure heart makes him real. If he could pour his heart out with all his emotions, then he is the truest soul for me.

That’s about it, I guess. Basically what guys need to know is that we fall for their simplicity rather than their grand gestures. I don’t just need you to take me out to an upscale restaurant for a 5-course meal, or buy me an expensive gift! Sometimes, just a bar of my favourite dark chocolate with a note that says “I love you, beautiful!” will work wonders for me. Girls are, contrary to popular opinion, pretty simple to understand. It just takes the right guy to get the best out of her! 🙂

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