PMO India not propose to host the 2024 Olympics?

Simple words PMO understands that “INDIA IS NOT READY “ not until 2040

1)India is not America and India is clearly not China

Our position is what China was in 1990s ,China hosted Olympics in 2008 ,so in 1990s China wasn’t interested in hosting Olympics it was more concerned about it’s infrastructure growth check out China in 1980s and China in 2010

2)When India learned from Brazil

Both (India and Brazil) are members of BRICS and developing nations with range of problems from poverty,unemployment and severe corruption.Officials and bureaucrats of India are closely watching the Brazil Olympics,clearly they have understood that India can’t bid for Olympics for the next 20 years

Brazil is going through the worst periods ,their president is under investigation(political instability) and high inflation ,Even days before the opening ceremony many parties were against Olympics

So India has clearly learned a lesson ,that we are not yet ready

3)Cross border terrorism

Brazil and China doesn’t have this problem ,Even though Brazil doesn’t come under ISIS radar still their police prevented a major terrorist attack before the opening ceremony

But terrorism in India is a different book ,Cross border terrorism is menace here (26/11 Mumbai attack ) and (Parliament attack) recent Pathankot attack has showed India can’t host a major event like Olympics


Brazil Olympics burned $4.6 billion from it pockets ,Sure India can also afford that but that means more taxes ,less subsidies,less budget on education and health ,more protest from political parties ,Even if Rbi decides to print more money it will lead to more inflation and will suffocate our growth and will be detriment to our ambition of becoming a superpower

5)Common wealth fiasco

Many won’t agree but for me Common wealth 2010 Delhi was a complete disaster ,from delays to corruption scandals I was wondering can we really pull off ?

6)India’s image in outside world
a) poverty (According to them India looks like this )

Well apparently we are poor but this image was blown out of proportion by the movie slum dog millionaire (can’t really blame Danny Boyle for this )
b) crime against women
2012 rape case dent a major blow to India’s already negative image

well if we don’t sort out this problem ,we will be known as a nation where women aren’t safe coupled with attacks on white women and Japanese woman rape case near Nalanda give an additional boost to the existing image problem
c) Media portrayal of India’s intolerance against minorities

I am from a minority community and I am totally safe in India but attacks on churches ,dadri lynching and returning of awards by pseudo seculars was blown out of proportion by media for some extra TRPs .India is big booming economy and one of the bright spots in the world for investment but incidents such as these can make the world think ‘should we visit India ? ’


look at that guy doing some monkey signs to incite Andrew Symonds ,
we don’t understand racism ,we keep staring at white women to the point of making them feel uncomfortable wanting them to never visit India again and we think that those with dark skin tones are below us

Racism allegations during Common Wealth 2010 India

African countries have complained that they are getting second-class treatment from the Games organisers, in spite of them offering India a hand in the preparation of the Games.

They have alleged that accommodation given to them was inferior compared to the accommodation provided to the Australian and New Zealand teams. They went on to state that India was complaining about being victims of racial bias in the reporting of the Games; while simultaneously perpetrating the same kind of racism against the African countries

8)We only take passive interest in Olympics

Most of the Indian don’t care about Olympics for us oneday matches of Bermuda vs Afghanistan is more interesting than Indian gymnast doing a somersault in Rio
Even though I am a sports buff ,I never knew the existence of a gem named Dipa Karmakar

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