Yoga or gym – which is better for reducing belly fat?

Both yoga and gym training are equally good. I believe that diet plays the most important part in reduction of fat around the belly. No matter what type of activity, if your diet doesn’t support your goal, you will never see any visible change.

That being said, since I am not a yoga expert, I would suggest doing HIIT. High intensity Cardio has been proven to effectively reduce belly fat. According to the National Institutes of Health, high-intensity intervals training – where you alternate between short bursts of high intensity and an easy-to-maintain pace, is what shows results.

Alternate between these intensities for about 20 minutes to complete your training session on at least two days of the week. End the routine with 2-3 sets of core strengthening exercises. Very often, people tend to ignore the back muscles, these along with the muscles that surround your belly make up the core or trunk. A strong core means good posture, it means more overall support to your backbone and hence much better definition.

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