habits of Indian husbands which annoy wives at home

Scoring bonus points with kids – From what I have mostly observed, moms do all the difficult tasks when it comes to kids: they get up early in the morning to make their tiffins, they stay up all night during their kids’ exams, they make kids do homework first computer games later, and when they are sick she won’t eat food herself until the kid has eaten. And then along comes the dad, after staying out for work all day, and the kids simply worship him, apparently because he’s “cooler” than Mom, and won’t make them eat paalak ki sabzi. And all the while, the wife is thinking, “Would it just kill him to let me be the good parent today, while he tells them to do their homework?”Finding fault with the food she cooks – This one is an old classic. Almost no woman I have ever met has ever been cool when her husband tells her that the dal is too salty, or the vegetable is too spicy. Her favourite comeback – “Theek hai, agli baar se khud he bana lena apna khaana! (Cook your own food next time!” My advice to all the men out there, please do compliment your wife’s cooking from time to time, and if possible, give her a hand in the kitchen too.

Taking their mom’s side instead of theirs – I’m not saying that it’s always justified. It’s the responsibility of the wife to understand that she should be respectful towards their husband’s parents, just like he is towards her parents. It is mother-in-law’s responsibility to make sure that her daughter-in-law does not feel too uncomfortable in a new home with a new family (if living in a joint family). And it is the husband’s responsibility to make sure that he does not isolate either of the two. If mom-in-law wants them to keep a big Ganesh statue in the living room, what’s the big deal in doing as she wants? On the other hand, if the wife wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary on a nice romantic date with the husband, while mom-in-law wants a big family dinner, perhaps the husband should gently explain that they have plans and if it would be possible to do it another night. A middle path is all that’s needed, though sometimes it’s hard to find one.

Watching cricket match at the time of her favourite tv show – Hardly needs any explanation. A little heads up for the guys – While you’re mentally singing the Mauka Mauka song with your eyes glued to the television screen, your wife is thinking of ways to try and show you (without saying a single word) that she is mighty pissed. Unluckily for her, you’re so engrossed in wondering whether Virat Kohli will finally make a century or not, that you won’t even notice her rolling her eyes and her thinly veiled sarcastic comments. Do her a favour: And after the match is over, tell her how beautiful she is looking today.

Teasing her about her increasing weight when she is pregnant)

– I would hate it if my future husband did this. From morning sickness to mood swings to stretch marks to food cravings to the intense fear of the day the baby finally comes out ripping out your insides in the process, pregnancy is no piece of cake, guys. She’s probably already cranky enough that she’s never going to look the same again, so go easy on her. And for future reference, if she asks (pregnant or not), “Am I looking fat?”, the answer is no. Always.

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