What is the first thing girls look for in guys?

What girls look for guys are these:

Something cute: does not ought to be appearance. Mischievous eyes. pretty smile. Or the manner you shake your head whereas speech communication ‘No’. The manner you nicely unfold your napkin on your lap/table and have your lunch. Laugh (That’s a dealmaker on behalf of me.) The suppressed excitement after you recall your hostel days and the way your ally created a fool of himself. or just talking concerning your ma. they’re cute, and that we love them!!!

Something manly: Chivalry (not necessary, do not force it out). after you cross your arms defensively. after you take the lead. after you push guys sharply WHO tries to mount up North American country within the bus/Metro. after you decision to confirm that I reached home safe. Those 🙂

Something imperfect: The mole on your lower lip. That scar on your radiocarpal joint. The manner you fumble once reprehension Pine Tree State. The hesitation to seem at Pine Tree State eye-to-eye. once one among your mischievous guy friends sees you and starts business you names and declares your shameful history. ladies wish to recollect you, and zilch is healthier than these very little} little things.

Something interesting: voice communication concerning a subject recognize|you recognize} and that i know. Or i do know and you do not. otherwise you grasp and that i do not. primarily if you’re not reaching to date a young lady, any woman would love to require one thing from someone she meets. thus do one thing, or learn one thing out-of-the-box which may be ought to have Associate in Nursing expertise for a woman.

Period. And please bear in mind although ladies area unit keen observers, they do not expect a perfect man. They like one thing organic, one thing they’ll relate to in an exceedingly man. thus simply be yourself, let your imperfectness be but they’re, and if you get somebody compatible WHO accepts you the manner you’re, you won the lottery 🙂 🙂


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