A Brief History of Sagging Pants


Not sure whether or not it’s a far-famed truth. Came to grasp concerning this recently and it absolutely was bit surprising on behalf of me.

A Brief History of droopy Pants

Sagging pants: carrying pants below the waist so undergarments square measure showing.

Most sources report that droopy pants began within the jail system. Belts don’t seem to be allowed to be worn, as a result of the very fact that they will be used as weapons or as a way to suicide. This resulted within the ill-fitting generic pants, large to remain au courant their own, to ride low on prisoner’s hips. Hip-hop artists adopted this look within the 90s (because you are not cool, if you do not do time, right?), and it quickly became well-liked among the youth.

The most worrisome story of the origin of saggy pants conjointly comes from the jail system, and raises even additional serious questions on why you’d wish to emulate this trend. droopy was same to be an emblem that the sagger was sexually out there to alternative prisoners, or as an alternative, already taken by another inmate.

Sagging pants may be as straightforward as a rebellion. The stereotypic “nerd” wears his pants terribly high, droopy is that the actual opposite.

HEATH considerations

Looking ridiculous (though inevitable) isn’t the sole risk of droopy pants,it is coupled to impotence, hip issues, and lower back problems. “These problems stem from systematically carrying pants well below the buttocks, therefore low that one should amendment the manner he walks.”


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