Temple where devotees offers wine to God 


The name Ujjain resonates with old and devout connotations. The pilgrims who arrive right here to worship Lord Mahakaleshwar, have to seek advice from Kal Bhairav temple additionally. Kal Bhairav Nath is the guardian deity of the town of Ujjain. The temple is very historic and believed to have constructed by King Badrasenan. Kal Bhairava is the executive among the many eight Bhairavs of the Saivaite lifestyle and is the most fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva amongst Ashta Bhairavas and is worshiped by means of tantric cult.

From the parking zone, while you start strolling towards the temple, you’re going to be bowled over to peer street facet providers selling liquor in public. The part shacks were brazenly promoting all type from local to English wines and whisky. It’s all seeing that most important providing of the deity is wine.

Small and massive liquor bottles and other puja objects are available external the temple and devotees buy it and present to god. This temple ritual starts with the devotee purchasing a bottle of wine or tough liquor like rum or whisky and supplying to the deity. The bottle is passed over to the priest together with different puja material. The priest opens the bottle and put half of of the contents right into a shallow plate which is placed near the mouth of the idol . Slowly it starts decreasing in the plate and the Priest takes back the plate when the entire liquor is completed. You may realize this from very shut. The contents of the plate disappears in entrance of your eyes. It will sound improbable, but it is true.

The left over in the bottle is given back as Prasad to the pilgrims. It’s a wonder, where does the alcohol gulped by the lord goes. In general, this is the one God, to whom alcohol is provided within the temple. The flora and other pooja objects are additionally offered. Sure that you can relatively see when plate is touched to the idol, it murk and whiskey will get completed. Very amazing indeed, needs to be experienced.

Nobody knows where does this hundreds of bottles of liquor goes however it has been going down considering the fact that ages, as this temple is 1000s of years historical. It is effective & weird but without doubt genuine. I was once curious to know where all this liquid goes, however no definitive answer used to be provided.

There’s point out of a Kaal Bhairva temple in the Avanti Khanda of the Skanda Purana also, which is a textual content 1000’s of years historic. Worship of Kaal Bhairava is believed to were a part of the Kapalika and Aghora sects in Indian practiced faith. This temple is a included monument underneath the state archaeology department.

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