What is the most bizzare food consumed in India?


India is a nation with countless culture, shock, thriller, philosophy and heritage. As such, it’s certain to have one-of-a-kind meals habits and meals-dishes too.

There are some certain food-dishes that are one among its possess. Be it Hilsa egg(consumed at West Bengal), or Tilli(dish created from Buffalo spleen) in Pune, all are special and some even would consider them weird. Consistent with me, following are one of the crucial meals-dishes which men and women can recall bizarrest among the weird.
[Note:- Some images might cause nausea]

1) Black canine Vomit & Meat : it is a well recognized proven fact that dog meat is consumed in lots of places of North-East, which is weird. The canine meat which is consumed in the regions of Nagaland and Mizoram, is apparently costlier than fowl meat! The meat is cooked in a perfectly spicy method and the locals love the preparations.



Consumption of canine vomit is more weird than consuming canine meat. This meals-dish is confined some detailed tribes who’re determined at extreme inside. During the festival a black dog is saved hungry for days and within the D-day it is fed with tons of rice. Then they put a bamboo in his mouth and make it vomit. Then this vomit(puke) is gathered and given to the invitations earlier than principal path. Then that dog is killed and prepared for food. Ordinarily they like black dog.

2) pink Ants Chutney(Chaprah) in Chattisgarh:- From the localities of Batsar in Chhattisgarh, comes a red hot chutney known as chaprah. Here is a dish with a colossal chew (pun supposed), a dip made with purple ants and their eggs. The ants are dried and then crushed with salt, sweeteners and spices. It is so sharp and spicy that it will probably set your tongue on fireplace. Ants contain formic acid which is believed to render medicinal traits. The local Dhuruva tribe will tell you that it’s now not only a dish, it’s an journey.


3) Snail Stew and Steamed Hornets, Kohima (Nagaland):- you’ll be able to find snail stew, steamed hornet larvae and silkworm curry famously being bought on streets. The state is dwelling to more than 15 tribes, each with its individual style of cooking.

4) Frog Legs of Sikkim and Goa:- in many components of India, battered and fried frog legs are sizzling favorite amongst individuals. The Lepchas neighborhood in Sikkim swears through their medicinal first-class to remedy quite a lot of belly ailments. The Indian bullfrog is also a monsoon delicacy in Goa and is famously often called the ‘leaping chicken’. Even though, it’s well-known as a threatened species via the government of India yet you may to find some eating places serving it.


5) Bhunni from Garhwal:- This distinct dish comes from the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. It’s made with goat’s liver, stomach, intestines and blood. The entire ingredients are curried and matched with few spices. While i am a bit of conservative about what’s placed on my plate, those who’ve tasted blood (pun supposed) in finding it really appetizing.

There are different food dishes too, which humans might do not forget bizarre like Phan Pyut(rotten potato favourite in North-East), Nahkham(amongst Garos of Meghalaya), baby Shark Curry(in Goa), Eri Polu(silkworm pupa favourite in Assam), etc.



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