What is TATA Kestrel? Is Indian Army planning to buy TATA Kestrel?


Tata Kestrel is an 8×8 amphibious armored personnel provider. It’s construct in collaboration with DRDO, who helped within the design aspects.

Kestrel can be prepared with a kind of modular weapons stations, together with manned or unmanned 30 mm turrets.

It has a small water jet which enables it to journey on water.

It will probably lift 10 soldiers with first-class safety for them.

It is an all terrain auto with 8×8 pressure.

It has thick armour, a ways better than those on BMP series at gift. This will likely provide higher defense in opposition to larger caliber weapons.

Sophisticated performance in urban conditions when compared to gradual, tracked automobiles.

The Indian army has planned to purchase 100 of these finally. Someday, if they are impressed with its performance, the order may match up to 500-a thousand autos.
Please notice that it’s going to now not exchange the BMP tracked vehicles, and Kestrel will complement the longer term tracked IFV which is slated to exchange BMPs.

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