What facts about Mumbai would people not believe until they come to Mumbai?


The following comes from my restricted expertise as a traveller within the city of goals:-
The buildings: For someone who has lived her entire life in Assam (Zone V) or New Delhi (Zone IV), the “skyscrapers” in Mumbai (Zone II) come as a massive shock. Right here, even the oldest and most rickety-looking constructions are at the least 20 storeys tall. Negative me, i am still nursing a neck anguish from an excessive amount of of looking to crane my neck to look upwards towards the terraces.
Refer: Earthquake zones of India.

The weather: It’s humid. Here in Mumbai, even an or else reasonable 30 degree celsius does now not spell respite. The 93% relative humidity within the air takes care of that; it is sufficient to make the day hot and stuffy.

The traffic: The length and extent of the visitors jams in Mumbai made the jams I had beforehand obvious in any other position of India appear like merciless jokes.

The prices: A single fist-sized vada pav at Juhu seashore costing INR 30 looks like an exorbitant meal, primarily if you’re used to a full plate of steaming sizzling chicken momos for the identical rate in other places (Guwahati, to be detailed).

The Roads: they are so wide that in Powai, in entrance of the IITB campus, crossing one felt like I was once crossing the entire width of a soccer field (an exaggeration, of path, when you consider that I don’t have the experience of crossing one). And yet, these wide roads are ordinarily choked with cars.

The individuals: I hadn’t met extra well mannered attendants, cab drivers or shopkeepers earlier than; everybody addresses everyone else as Sir/Madam and rude language is hardly ever ever heard. Actually, the individuals at Crossword Bookstores at RCity Mall let a pal of mine and me lounge on one in all their comfy couches and leaf via the whole Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated model, (which have to have taken up at the least an hour of their time and hospitality) without grievance.
Also, Mumbaikars do not ogle at females; they do not stare. They are so polite and unobtrusive, it would make any newcomer believe welcome in the metropolis.

Transport: I didn’t have the fortune (or lack of it) to journey by way of the famed Mumbai nearby trains, however the absence of a city-vast Metro Rail network leaves one to inn to auto rickshaws or cabs (Kaali Peelis, because the locals fondly name them), that renders transportation for people without their possess cars alternatively pricey.

Night time lifestyles: genuine to its phrase, Mumbai is a metropolis that certainly not sleeps. It’s a situation that’s heat, friendly, and embraces even outsiders as it will its own men and women. 🙂

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