What sentence could ruin a date immediately?


A lot of stuff traditionally will depend on context for me. Typically the identical sentence that can make you consider rather just right can also make you believe like total shit. On account that it can be tough to get tone, context, physique language, and all that excellent stuff, listed here are only some which were stated to me that regardless of the context have ruined the date for me:

“You ought to have intercourse with me due to the fact that I paid for dinner.”
“I want you had larger tits.”
“Your ass is too enormous.”
“you are bizarre.”
“it’s your bedtime now.”
“you’re like a baby.”
“You bought a bit of fat on your stomach.”
“that’s an unrealistic dream.” (after telling him about my career goals)
“don’t you just need to get your degree and get married? Why go to graduate school?”
“religious people are silly.”
“I hate animals.”
“I hate youngsters.”
“you’re this type of prude.”
“you understand no one’s ever going to need you in case you do not need intercourse, right?” (i am most commonly pretty upfront about my choice to be abstinent unless marraige. I attempt to point out it only if the context calls for it, however I suppose it’s some thing I need to say as a substitute than later in view that extraordinary folks have extraordinary expectations of intercourse in a relationship. Most guys whose expectations and desires don’t match up with mine have mostly been good physical activities about it and we each went our seperate methods. But some were rude or mean.)
“i do not wish to introduce you to my family.”
“My mom’s a bitch.” (your mother may be a complete, abusive psychopath and a bitch in all senses of the word. But if it is a first date and you furnish no context for that assertion, that sounds off a lot of warning bells for me)

“I hit my final girlfriend once however she deserved it/drove me to it.”
“All my exes are crazy.”

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