If the girl looks at you back what does it mean?



Couple of possibilities:
she is checking whether you might be staring at her butt (which is a no-no) and would be consequences;

she is checking whether or not she met you someplace but cant don’t forget your name and the fellow that seem like you, owe her some cash;

she will fake to travel and fall so that you may aid her getting up (then she will likely be grateful and can ask your number);

she desires to understand the telephone quantity and identify of the pet you are walking with;

she is checking whether you are the guy she met at a nightclub recently and by no means gave her your name or quantity, and saved her credit card;

her high-quality buddy is dating you, so she is checking whether or not you might be all of what her friend has instructed about you (excellent and unhealthy);

she is checking whether you’re the motherfucker who cheated on her pleasant friend and she is going to by and large kick your ass.

So, what you think are the actual intent she is looking back?

Rough to tell, correct?

What is the nice factor to do?

Ignore her and move on.


Would be dangerous meeting her, proper? Quick, pace up, man

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