Which type of boy can’t get a girlfriend?


Eight guys who aren’t prone to get a girlfriend:-

a guy who provides emotional help to a girl with a indistinct hope that one quality day, she could develop emotions for him. (“The fine pal”)

a man who tries to grow to be a “hero”, in front of a girl, by means of bad mouthing others, hoping that his stupidity would rely as “quality humorousness”. (The stupid Soul)

a guy who has natural looks and also lacks a profound personality to compensate for it. (The Mid Line)

a man who writes tacky lines on Whatsapp but is simply too shy to speak in character. (The Introvert with the aid of Circumstance)

a guy who is devoid of clear cut profession goals. (Aimless soul)

a guy who sends sexually specific messages on the very first day. (The Pervert)

a man who’s insecure deep inside and therefore is dominating by means of nature. (The Possessive man)

a man who again and again sends textual content messages with out letting the “Psychology of Reversibility” take its due course. (The Clingy guy)

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