Does your face get prettier when you lose a lot of weight?

That completely is determined by your starting weight and what style you are.
I’ve noticeable humans (more often than not girls) whose faces obtained much less appealing once they misplaced weight. Some men and women with ease look better (and more fit) with fuller faces.

However, on the whole talking (there are invariably exceptions) – for most significantly overweight or overweight people (and through that I rather imply seriously chubby and chubby, people OUT of their healthy weight range, no longer persons who’ve somewhat of padding here and there), weight loss on the whole way their face will get more appealing. Bone constitution begins to show, strains of your face become extra outlined, eyes appear greater, your designated points shine through… I think it chiefly applies to guys, as sharper, better defined face structure looks more masculine. (Which is, i assume, why some girls don’t precisely seem prettier once they go from plump to thin.

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