How did Donald Trump win the 2016 US Presidential Election?


The fact is that Trump was once continually winning, it’s just that Clinton news network (CNN), its cronies and the left liberals refused to acknowledge that. Opinion polls on no account gave a true photograph.

A 9 year historical child in US, who was once carrying a Trump cap in college was once asked to do away with it as fellow students started making hate comments on him, just for helping Trump. The university, rather of asking fellow students to respect the opinion of their pal, requested him to put off the cap.
A 16 12 months ancient teen had equivalent experiences when even teachers at his school mocked him by using announcing “Thank God that you could’t vote”, when he wore a Trump cap. One other student instructed him, “I’m completely happy you’re being bullied,” after students knocked the hat from his head. A lot for equality !!

Maine student whines after lecturers mock his Trump hat: ‘this is a university that preaches equality’

Now if children and teens had been bullied for brazenly expressing help for Trump, it’s not particularly hard to suppose what happened to adults who did the same.

This was once the pattern I constantly noticed on social platforms :

Opinion survey : Who will be the next Prez ?

Individual A : I consider it can be Donald Trump this time.


You racist.

You right wing extremist

You misogynist scum.

You communal Islamophobic.

You white narcissist.

I am ashamed that such individuals even exist in this excellent land of Lincoln….

Had been one of the satisfactory comments that followed.

“How would you describe the xyz announcement of Trump?”

“What are your views on Mexico wall?”

“Can Trump maintain cordial family members between US-Mongolia?”

hiya, he’s only a voter, now not a representative of Republican get together. Why don’t you ask this question from someone from Trump camp immediately?

There used to be consistently a silent majority at the back of Trump. Persons agreed with his ideology but did not want to make it public due to the fact that they have been fearful of being attacked by liberals. What Trump stated about radical Islam or illegal immigrants was preferred by way of many however they will not express it. Mocking Trump on social media used to be the new cool. This endured until elections day approached and men and women regularly started ignoring the stigma enforced upon them.

The challenge used to be that nobody addressed the core predicament Trump raised. Individuals had been afraid once they see Islamic State terrorists roaming amongst them in Orlando. The hindrance of crimes dedicated with the aid of unlawful migrants persisted. But media or Clinton camp by no means took these US residents into confidence. They have been branded as deplorable Trump supporters. And that is what developed bitterness against Hillary.

Votebank politics : The time period votebank politics is used in India. Here, designated sections of society are anticipated to vote for a particular occasion either seeing that they share the equal identity with get together leaders or have a perceived hatred towards the opponent. Identical happened in US.

You are black so you’re imagined to vote for Black President’s social gathering.

You are a lady so you are imagined to vote for a lady in order that we can have some artificial document of getting the primary lady Prez.

You’re Hispanic dwelling legally. You are not alleged to vote for that anti-unlawful Hispanic man.

No questions about disorders, no questions about corruption, no questions about falling typical of residing.

This is what Democrats did. They took humans for granted. They assumed that Hillary will get these many votes with no sweat. On other hand, Trump tried to reach out to folks. Although detailed makes an attempt failed, he not ever gave up.

Capitalism vs Socialism : The folks of america are almost capitalists. Their ideology is work, earn and devour. They need minimum govt interference in their day to day lives. They are not natural fans of socialist insurance policies where govt imposes high taxes and redistributes wealth. Humans won’t mainly like their tough make cash to feed unlawful migrants.

But Obama and Democrats were virtually socialists. Obamacare was forcibly shoved down their throats. As a commentator brought up “they’re more commies than many of the Russians in the market.”

as a result of excessive tax premiums, rich people and firms had been moving their base out of US. Hillary would have continued those policies. Trump preferred returning to the historical policy of low tax rates and let the consumption make a decision progress. The policy of old wonderful america. The policies to Make the usa first-rate again.

All and all, Trump’s electoral experience can be first-rate when put next with that of Indian PM Narendra Modi. The liberals hated them. All limits of legitimate courtesy have been damaged in opposition to them.

The journalists let their vote casting preferences colour their professional judgement.

Only difference was once that Trump hit back at them which made them even more furious.

Most liberals refuse to take delivery of the worldwide anger & worry of Islamic radicalism . Problem is not if it is correct or wrong? But it surely should were put to complete debate. Alternatively the liberals selected to challenge their belief as sophisticated and those of others as inferior. Men and women have been shamed just considering they held a specified ideology.

Trump was defamed in global media via these persons.

But Trump fought back.

He stood tall.

And he received !!
Hillary was recommended by more than 55 papers. Trump used to be advocated by means of just 2. That is how beside the point these left leaning journalists have grow to be. Commies should learn one factor in these days and that’s that they dont get to set the agenda anymore. No longer with the masses.

At present, it is Trump.

Day after today, it’ll be France.

Subsequent is Germany.

The generation of political correctness is coming to an finish. People at enormous consider terrorism is the most important menace. Persons are fed of those communist bigots who have a historical past of getting delicate nook for terrorists.
As Modi’s example has proven, the liberals will continue to live in denial even after Trump takes the oath. They wont take delivery of President Donald Trump. They’re going to create limitations in his tenure. They’ll attempt to humiliate him. Even though a rat dies, they’ll blame it on Trump.

For them, if their man wins, it’s the victory of democracy.

If the opposition wins, it’s the enforcement of majoritarian dictat.

But Trump should ignore them, similar to Modi.

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