Why is the Mona Lisa valued so much?

The Mona Lisa painting is known for changing expressions, which is based on the mood of the viewer. If a sad person visits the museum and have a look at this incredible mini portrait, the lady will appear sad to him/her.
Reason: You would know that our eye can view objects from different angles. The Mona Lisa portrait is made in such a way that it gives a different visual depending on the angle from which it is seen. This has been inferred by studying La Bella Principessa. The earlier painting, which portraits the young illegitimate daughter of a Milanese Duke, has the same effect as the Mona Lisa: from some angles the young lady seems to be smiling, from others, the smile appears to have vanished.

The effect, evident in both paintings, was achieved by using the sfumato(which means “soft” or “pale” in Italian) technique, which uses color and shading to create an optical illusion around the mouths.
It is still a question, if this illusion was intended.
According to me, given Leonardo’s mastery of the technique and its subsequent use in the Mona Lisa, it is quite conceivable that the ambiguity of the effect was intentional, based on explicit artistic skill and used in line with Leonardo’s maxim that portraits should reflect some ‘inner turmoil of the mind.’
Also, The Mona Lisa painting is made by using the Golden ratio, the application of Fibonacci sequence (sequence in which the third term is the sum of first 2 preceding terms). Golden ratio is derived by dividing the 2 successive Fibonacci sequence.
Golden ratio is used in creating aesthetically pleasing objects, even the flower petals follow a Fibonacci sequence, but why this?
Any number that is a simple fraction (example: 0.75 is 3/4, and 0.95 is 19/20, etc) will, after a while, make a pattern of lines stacking up, which makes gaps. But the Golden ratio is an irrational number and gives a never ending sequence. The best part: it can be defined in terms of itself, remember this popular maths question?

we are asked to find the value of this fraction, this is also a form of Fibonacci sequence. It always has an irrational part, even in the simplified form and hence hides in between proper fractions. This, as a result gives rise to beautiful images.

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