what is fitness ???

what is fitness ???

I think that people have wrong  perception about fitness . people always think that fitness is all about having good abs. fitness is all about building muscles or having very low body fat , or about weight loss . fitness is not a process guys it is life style. it is what you do to make yourself  a better. yes you need to have good physic but it is not everything . when you looking at bigger picture physic is just a small part of  fitness.

so basic question is what is fitness to you ???

fitness is whatever you want to be. fitness is being able to do things that you wanted to do .fitness is like water it take the form  of whatever holding it.

fitness for everybody is different

here 4 pictures of people .


1 bodybuilder


2. runner


3 swimmer


4 lifter


everybody in this pictures are fit. like i said fitness is like a water . every game form need different fitness level . runner cannot become bulky like lifter. so first set your goals what you want to be according to that start doing workout . in this blog i am going to do help you archive your goals . and also give you enough information about fitness , sport, bodybuilding , so stay tune….

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