Every bodybuilder should know how muscle grows ?

how muscle grows ????

muscle we have over 600 of them in human body they make up between 1/3 to 1/5 of  our  body weights  and along with connected tissues they bind us together and help us move .whether or not body building is hobbies muscles need your constant attention and they growth is depend upon way you treat them on daily basis .


say you want to open a door your brain send some singles to muscles and combine work of them help you achieve a goal. first your brain send singles to your muscles when they receive this massage they decide whether they want to contract or relax which pull on your bones in arms and generation of movement is occur bigger the task become bigger the brain singles goes .

now consider door is made up of a solid iron . at this point your arm muscles won’t be able to open the door so get help from other muscles like legs and shoulder, tighten your belly generates enough tension to open a door .

when  this all procedure is happening your muscles goes under celleur change as you exposed them to stress it experience as a microscopic damage which is a good thing in response  the injured cell relief  infotomary molecules  called cytokines . that  activate the immune system to repair this breakdown of muscles . this is point where muscles building magic happen the greater the damage more your body will need  repairs itself  this cycle of  breaking and repairing  cause grows in muscles . remember you have to increase tension each time when you do workout (go heavy )  which help you to more break down of muscles .

without proper nutrition your muscles never going to get bigger . protein crabs vitamins every nutrition have their own specialty with that specialty they help muscles to grow  .

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