if you have poor digestion problem read this .

How to fix poor digestion ?




I am going to give information about what you need for proper digestion .

Two things usually happens

1 you frequently go to the toilet (loss motion )

2 you are unable to do toilet (constipation )

For poor digestion 2 factors are generally responsible

1 bacterial imbalance

Every human body have some bacterial in small intestines
When you eat something it goes in small intestine after that here breaking of that food occur and after that whatever waste remaining it goes in the big intestine and after that removed from body

Now that happen in bacterial imbalance is our small intestine consist of 2 types of bacterias

1 good bacteria
2 bad bacteria

Good bacteria is 85% and 15 % is bad bacteria

Good bacteria breaks all food and absorbed it and after that supplied to each and every part of body with the help of blood vessels .

Hence good bacteria is responsible for good digestion .

Now due to bad food , smoking , alcohol , fatty food , food who don’t have any nutrition , this kind of food creates toxin which kills good bacteria and increase bad bacteria . So digestion problem starts .

Now how to add good bacteria ?

For increase good you have to add some quality food in your diet

Now what are those ?

Yogurt is pro biotech
Blue berries

2 enzyme deficiency

Do you know what is enzyme ? Ok I’ll tell you it help to break down your food .

For example

Card break down into glucose
Protein breaks into amino acid
Fat breaks into fatty acid

If your body contains enzyme deficiency then your body is unable to breaks food . So digestion problem starts.

For increase enzyme you have to add some quality food in your diet

Now what are those ?

Row vegetables



Tip remember that when you eat chew it properly minimum 36 time then swallow it

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