What is metabolism ? how it works for fat loss

What is metabolism ?

You know guys car runs on petrol or diesel or cng right just like that our body run on food for living

Metabolism burns our calories . Something it’s slow or fast depend upon individual to individual
Every person have different rate of metabolism

So biggest question is what metabolism is good slow or fast ?

Slow metabolism is not good for anyone because it means your body is not burning any calories . If metabolism is slow than what happen is you arebody is unable to burn calories generate by food so it lead to weight gain

Those who are overweight they all have slow metabolism

Just like that those who are thin have fast metabolism .

For those who have slow metabolism

1 burn more eat less. Consume less calories

2 you have to eat 5 time every 3 hr

3 do cardio 5 times a week

4 do workout 6 time

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